In 2007, I created 7Lilies when I became qualified in Reiki. Since then I have qualified in a few more treatments and plan to be in many more as the years go by.

I offer not only therapies but also make and sell Jewellery as well as sell crystals.


Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hopi Ear Candles, Paraffin Wax Hand/Feet Spa Treatment, Reflexology (Case studies)


Tumble Stones, Rough Stones, Carved/Shaped Stones, Dowsers, Tea Light Holders


Pieces already made for sale along with bespoke healing pieces​

Refresh, revitalise, renew and rejuvenate yourself and your ‘look’ with personalised accessories designed, aesthetically and specifically for you.

At 7lilies, I combine the knowledge of holistic therapies with the art of jewellery design and creation, to offer attractive and unique accessories which harmonise with the self, both physically and spiritually, according your personal requirements.

My flair for creativity along with my Crystal healing knowledge enables me to design and produce bespoke jewellery that will not only compliment that ‘extra special outfit’  but will also be uniquely designed to enhance your individual spiritual and physical well-being.

At 7lilies you can choose from a wide range of ‘off the peg’ jewellery, which can be infused with healing energies according to your needs using Reiki, or you may wish to opt for our bespoke service where we invite you to be personally involved in the design and creation of jewellery that will be quite literally ‘one of a kind’.

I don’t just tailor Jewellery for your needs but also therapies, by combining treatments to enhance your treatment.