About 7lilies

Where did 7lilies come from?

I, Beth Phillips, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Therapist, Jewellery Creator and Crystal Stockist created 7lilies in October 2007 after completing my Second Level in Reiki.

The day after I completed the course I handed in my notice at my current job, and although may have regretted doing so at the time, when realisation kicked in that I couldn’t survive on Reiki alone. I haven’t completely regretted it at all. Everything happens for a reason even if you don’t see it at the time.

So common sense kicked in and I started another ‘Career’ role in November 2007 whilst I built up 7lilies.

So how did I become interested in Reiki?

It comes down to rabbits, yup the cute fluffy kind that will eat your garden and house in seconds and look all cute at you afterwards so you just can’t do anything other than scream, cry and give them lots of hugs.. I still have a house standing, just… the bunnies probably don’t have much of their hutches left though..

When I was 21 (many years ago), I had five rabbits, yup.. three girls and two boys, the two boys were staying at a friends. A weekend away celebrating 21 years was the catalyst, upon my return one of the boys was really ill, he’d lost soo much weight there wasn’t much left of him. With it being a Sunday there was nothing that could be done until morning, and so the research on Crystals (I had already gotten into Crystals years before.. shall we go to that first?)

At 17, I was in Winchester studying Animal Management, looking for a great present for a friend who was wiccan, I fell upon a crystal book. Curiosity got the best of me and I started looking at what they were all about and ended up with a shopping list of crystals that I wanted for certain healing ‘things’.. and so the knowledge and love of crystals began… back to the bunny

Crystals were found, aromatherapy was found (he was snuffly so everything that could help with that, you’ve guessed it Eucalyptus oil), and anything else that could help him, even sending all my energy to him to help him fight whatever he had oh and a hot water bottle.. he did love that hot water bottle bless the little man. It turned out he had Myxomatosis (nasty man made disease), the first vet I saw was happy to help him fight as he did seem to be a fighter, and it’s generally the secondary infection that kills rabbits not the myxi itself. Sadly pneumonia kicked in and the second vet I took my bunny to wouldn’t let him leave alive.

Upon returning home just after this to live with my parents for a while I met who is now my Reiki Master – Kath, we talked and I told Kath of what I had done for my rabbit, it was then Kath suggested that I think about doing Reiki – I did in 2006, I completed my level one in Reiki.

And so it all began..

Through the years, I have seen complementary therapies help many a rabbit I have come across needing help, some with amazing results. The brother of the rabbit that got me into all this became seriously ill and with Reiki and Crystals he survived six months more than the vets thought he would – sadly he passed away whilst being sedated for a dental – it was his choice which is a lot better than having to make that decision for them.

In 2008 I became a qualified Crystal therapist and also decided to go for my Reiki Masters.

In 2014 I became a Reiki Master Teacher after realising I was helping many people on a spiritual path.

In 2016, I passed my Anatomy and Physiology exam to allow me to progress my therapies into the more physical like massage along with becoming qualified in Hopi Ear Candle Treatments.

In 2017, I became qualified in Paraffin Wax hand and feet Spa treatment course

I am also looking to become a teacher in Crystal therapy along with Reiki..

I have achieved all this whilst having a career, and dealing with a condition known as Fibromyalgia, it can be hard for me at times, but having the therapies there has helped me a lot. When questioned why I suffer so much when I am a Reiki Master and has a huge collection of Crystals, I simply answer ‘I wouldn’t like to know how I would be without any of these’. I hope to be an inspiration to those who think they can’t achieve much because of what constraints life puts on them, there is always a way round the constraints or something better around the corner – be patient to see the bigger picture one day.

The two brothers who started this all off – Shadow and Twinks:

My pets of today:


Milo & Oreo