Beth has made my wedding tiara. Such a professional service and skilled workmanship. From the start with the consultation and helping me in design of tiara and listening to what I wanted to the process of her making it and keeping me updated with photos to see if I was happy with design in reality and then finally to the actual finished piece, Beth has provided an outstanding service and can’t wait to wear my tiara. Would recommend services to all.

Charlotte Willis, Leeds

Beth gave me the best service when trying to create the perfect braclet for my Fiancees birthday. Beth listened to the specific colours I preferred and also added a few more in order to meet the medical needs of my partner. Beth had great communication and gave me lots of her time in order to get the item just right, before posting she even checked with me via photos if i was happy..I was over the moon! Thank you so much Beth for you upmost care and attention! You gave me such a wonderful service of which I will be using again and recommending to all my friends! Thank you

Kristy Belcher, Jersey

Beth is a very talented designer who has made such a personalised and perfect piece of jewellery that fits so comfortable and looks amazing…Beth has such a wide and deep knowledge of all the crystals and the powers that they hold which shows in her beautiful creations. Thank you so much…I truly treasure my bracelet x

Lea Mac, Jersey

Feeling a little nervous before my wedding day and with a history of going light headed when my blood sugars suddenly drop I spoke to Beth about my concerns of fainting as I walk down the aisle. Beth was able to put my at ease by suggesting a piece of jewellery to include crystals to keep me calm and also give me stamina for the long day of my wedding. Beth designed my anklet to be my something blue so it fitted perfectly with the rest of my outfit and I do believe that wearing it really did help me have the best day of my life.

I now have a number of jewellery pieces made by Beth and love them all. With my 1st baby due in August I am not discussing with Beth which crystals may help me during labour as I respect her knowledge of the use of crystals.

Joanne McGillivray, Bodmin

I’m from Australia and stumbled across Beth’s website when surfing for crystal bracelets to aid me. I fell in love with an item on her online catalogue and emailed Beth to see if she’d post overseas. I advised the issues I wanted help with and she designed a bracelet with the crystals she believed would be best based on what I’d told her as well. I couldn’t decide between the 2 bracelets (catalogue and specifically designed) as they were both amazing so ended up purchasing both!

Beth was terrific throughout the whole transaction. It took less than a week from initial contact for her to create and post the bracelets and we corresponded every day. These items are tailor-made specifically for my needs in beautiful designs that I approved before completion. Pricing even including postage costs was cheaper than a lot of stores I’d visited previously and the customer service was a lot better too.

I would definitely use 7Lilies again!!

Kathy Handly, Western Australia

I received a Reiki and crystal therapy treatment from Beth about 3 days ago. I suffer with anxiety, sleep issues and dizziness. The treatment itself was amazing, so relaxing I think I totally zoned out. After the treatment, I was energized yet tired all at once, very weird but most enjoyable feeling. I followed all the after care advice Beth gave me and for the last 3 nights I have slept like a lot all night!

Before the treatment we had a good chat about what I wanted to achieve from it and she picked the crystals accordingly. Any questions I had she answered in a way I understood and without making me feel stupid for asking in the first place. I felt so at ease with Beth an will most certainly be back for more.

Annonymous, Warrington

I was given a bracelet by my fantastic friend as a present when I left work. Such a lovely personalised gift, thank you both.

Claire House, Somerset

I received my necklace and was not disappointed; Beth’s ideas and creativity are fantastic! I just love her ideas, it wont be long until I purchase more.
Thanks Beth xxx

Gina Monson, St Albans

My Dear Beth (The lady with the healing hands),
I just would like to wish you peace, confidence and joy in your new venture. I did my R.I II in South Africa back in 1998 and you are only the second person to have such a wonderful gift that I have met. The other is a man in Australia. Your sessions on my painful knees were amazing, I can now walk up and down stairs properly and not the side crab move of two feet and one stair at a time. I have walked dogs for 1 1⁄2 hours over newly ploughed fields with joy in my heart. Thanks to you, your distance healing also was spot on, as I reported back to you the next day, even you were amazed with what happened.
Please keep a booking open for me when I next pass through Bunbury.
God bless you, hugs and laughter

Hilary (Carer of the late Mrs Paterson), at the time Bunbury

Beth Phillips did Reiki on myself and my husband on one night in September, my knees and back are painful; it seemed to help, although after ten minutes I did fall asleep! I was in a quiet room relaxed, my husband was watching football in the lounge, but his sinuses felt better after, could have been better if the television was off!
Beth came to my home a few days later to do Reiki on our dog. He’s got a bad ear, he enjoyed the fuss and seemed to relax, did not scratch for 2 days, we had left his ear drops in Scotland after seeing our daughter, so I was very pleased about him and Beth. By the way he also slept for 2 hours after!

Pat Tate, Tarporley

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