Take a fresh look at how you accessorise.

Refresh, revitalise, renew and rejuvenate yourself and your ‘look’ with personalised accessories designed, aesthetically and specifically for you.

At 7lilies, I combine the knowledge of holistic therapies with the art of jewellery design and creation, to offer attractive and unique accessories which harmonise with the self, both physically and spiritually, according to your personal requirements.

10 years of experience with crystal healing therapies and a flair for creativity enables me to design and produce bespoke jewellery that will not only compliment that ‘extra special outfit’  but will also be uniquely designed to enhance your individual spiritual and physical well-being.

At 7lilies, you can choose from a wide range of ‘off the peg’ jewellery, which can be infused with healing energies according to your needs using Reiki, or you may wish to opt for our bespoke service where we you are invited to be personally involved in the design and creation of jewellery that will be quite literally ‘one of a kind’.


Our Bespoke Service – How it works:

Accessorise and Harmonise..

During a discussion with me, you will tell me what your requirements are both in terms of how you would like the piece to look, and how you would like it to enhance your individual spiritual energies.

I will make suggestions in terms of colour, style and type of stones in order to achieve the effect you require, and agree a price based on the stones used and the type and size of the piece requested.

Once we have agreed an approximate idea of how your piece should look and feel, I will create a sample for you to view.

If you are happy with the finished product, it is yours at the price we have previously agreed. However, if you wish to make changes to the design, this can also be arranged.


Please note – Pricing will only be adjusted if more materials than originally agreed are required to create the finished piece.

The final touch will then involve infusing your item using Reiki to ensure total harmony with its future wearer.

Your item will be delivered to you in an attractive gift box and will include a card which details the crystals used.

7lilies accessories also make fantastic gifts for that truly ‘personal touch’.


Contact Me: For more information or to discuss what 7lilies can do for you, give me a call on 0113 457 6928/07975717341