Hopi Ear Candles

This is a Thermo Auricular Therapy, a soothing non invasive treatment of the ears, it is where a candle made of natural ingredients such as cloth, beeswax, sage, St John’s Wart and other essential oils are placed within the ear and then lit, creating a vacuum.

The candle draws out impurities from the ear, the candle is hollow and when lit acts like a chimney creating a gentle suction. These impurities are collected at the base of the candle where there is a filter preventing the back-flow. The impurities can still carry on being drawn out for a few days after a treatment.

Candles can work for physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually… I have seen it in my training – I checked another students Chakra’s before the treatment and then after and there were some chakra’s needing balancing before the treatment and they were balanced afterwards!

So candles can:

  • Be relaxing and de-stressing for the body
  • Help to remove excess ear wax
  • Assist to normalise pressure in the head and ears
  • Work on the meridian channels, which helps to stimulate the energy flow (balancing chakra’s as if they aren’t balanced then energy will stop flowing) and cleanse the aura
  • Improve hearing
  • Help to alleviate the ringing in the ears of tinnitus/sinusitis
  • Relieve tension headaches
  • Relieve Hay fever and rhinitis

The candle is lit and inserted into the outer ear until it has burnt to a certain point (well away from the ear), there is then a little ear massage to stimulate acupressure points on the ear. Once both ears have had the treatment there is a facial to drain the lymphatic system of the face.

The client shouldn’t feel anything other than relaxation, they may hear gentle cracking… it was a bit like the sparklers for me when I had my treatment. There could be some pulling/drawing sensation in the ear.

When can I not have a treatment?

If you have any of the following then it is likely that you won’t be able to have a treatment for your own safety:

  • Grommet, drain or ventilation in place
  • Inflammation or ear infection
  • Surgery in the last 3 months
  • Allergic reactions to any of the ingredients of the candle
  • Perforated ear drum (you can sign a disclaimer if this happened years ago, but to be honest I probably won’t treat that ear)
  • In the first trimester of pregnancy
  • If suffers from epilepsy unless you have GP permission.