Reiki Attunements

If you love Reiki that much and would like to learn how to send the energy as well then look no further.

I am a fully trained Usui Reiki Master teacher, Usui is the traditional Reiki – it’s where it all began with Dr Usui.

I can attune you to just Reiki Symbols as well as Reiki with Tibetan Symbols.

Reiki Level 1

Learn how to give yourself and friends and family Reiki

Reiki Level 2

Learn how to give others Reiki, level 2 is when you will be able to offer Reiki professionally. It also has homework to complete!

Reiki Level 3 – Master

Become a Reiki Master, this is learning the last of the Reiki Symbols. It does not allow you to teach Reiki

Reiki Master Teacher

This is where your path leads you to have students of your own, learn that there are two more symbols…

I can teach one to one OR if there are a few students then I will book a venue.

Courses cost the following:

Level One – £80

Level Two – £90

Masters – £160

Master Teacher – £160